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Troll shirt tutorial

Now first off..if theres a better tutorial..go with that…this is more for..people who dont have a lot of cash to spend or…just easily screw up…anywho lets begin. I’m making a Nepeta shirt…so yeah

First off get a stencil of your sign…I just use notebook paper and put on my computer screen and trace.

Then put the stencil on a peice of cardstock…I would go with one that is smooth and glossy..not construction paper feeling…Cut ut the circle..dont punture it…you need the center circle. Then carefully cut out the inner parts of the stencil.

It should look something like this when you done.

Also…leave a lot of outer stuff around the stencil…easier to have mess ups and not worry about parts of the shirts you dont want paint on getting ruined.

Now then its time to gather said things.

Black t-shirt..or white..depending on troll or kid

Paint in the shade you need ((Im using crafter acrylic mixed with crafter acrylic fabric medium))

Cardboard to put inside the shirt so the paint wont bleed threw to the other side

lots and lots of pins

Something to put paint on

Paint brush ((big one and small *used a bamboo brush instead of a small one*))

paper towels, and q-tips in case of mess up

and last water for paint

Now pin the stencil down to your shirt…you want this stencil flat as possible

Now get your paint ready and paint. Your gonna want to do a ton of layers of paint..and at time just let it set *watch like a you tube video for a few minutes then cover it in another layer.

Now since were painting on a black shirt..the paint is gonna take a bit for it to show…I suggest doing a white layer at sompoint to bring out the color. Then coat it again with your color. This method worked great when I made a Karkat shirt, since his is such a light color. Just remeber to let it sit for a few minutes and add layers..dont just do one and call it down. The color will fade. So lots and lots of layers. Also another good suggestion use one direction type of stroke to keep everything smooth and flowly…no scribble painting or multidirectional..

Okay now I repeart DO NOT LEAVE THE STENCIL AND PINS ON ALL NIGHT…THIS STUFF IS LIKE GLUE AND YOULL HAVE TO PULL PEICES OF PAPER AND CARDBOARD OFF BOTH SIDES OF THE SHIRT. So just when you think youve had enough layers. Take off the pins and remove the stencil and lift the shirt off the cardboard *DO NOT REMOVE CARDBOARD, JUST LIFT THE SHIRT OFF SO ITS NOT STUCK*

Now if you have a screw up like me as shown.

Just go over the parts with black paint with a q-tip. Yes a q-tip..its removes excess paint and adds the black at the same time…at least from my experiance. Add enough layer of color on the shape with the small brush or bamboo brush. Just to clean up any black paint that got on the color and make it pop more.

If you took my advice…your shirt should look somehting like this. Also if you didnt have to use the clean up method because you didnt mess up like me. Then kuddos, I didnt have to do the clean up method with my karkat shirt…just this one >.>

Anyway happy cosplaying..and again…this tutorial isnt the best…but if you found some use from it. Thats all that matters.

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